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UHP - 1 ECO Deck Oven


Deck oven without steam injection, ideal for cake baking (pie, etc.) High technology and a 70% of gas saving compared to similar ovens.
Operation with liquid petroleum gas or triphase electrical power (at request).
External panelling in stainless steel and excellent appearance.
Refractory stone deck, distributed in 4 slabs into the each chamber.
Versions with 1, 2, and 3 chambers.


Capacity 2 trays of 65 x 45 cm.
Hourly output 10 Kg/hour
Electromechanical control panel
Operation with liquid petroleum gas
Stainless steel frame
Refractory stone deck
Independent lower and higher burners
Width: 1355 mm
Length: 960 mm
Height: 687.5 mm