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Zuchelli Electrical Deck Oven


The Zuchelli electrical deck oven has baking chambers totally separated, and a refractory cement sole with metallic net frame. Each chamber has a computerized device to control all the oven functions, as well the chance to ask additional chambers for the equipment (see picture). The model 2C/2T includes a rack and extractor hood; it is also possible to include a proofer, pedestal, and steamer for bread baking.


Power of each chamber (Kw) with/economizer 2.5 Kw.
Power of each chamber (Kw) without/economizer 5 Kw.
Mean consumption of each chamber 3.3 Kw/hour.
Power of the proofer 0.5 Kw.
Mean consumption of the proofer 0.3 Kw.
Steaming power of each chamber 0.7 Kw.
Chamber dimensions 92 x 66 cm.
Baking surface 1.2 m2
Hourly output 12 kg.
Standard Capacity 2 chambers (2 45x65 tr.)
Electrical power 10 Kw.
- Triphase electrical power
Weight 300 Kg.
Framework Stainless Steel AISI 304