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Zuchelli Rotatory Fanton Oven


This excellent 60 x 80 Zuchelli Rotatory Fanton Oven has a combustion chamber and burner placed at the left rear oven side, suitable for long and narrow premises. Also, its external panelling is built in stainless steel, its baking chamber is completely built in high-quality AISI 304, and has a heat exchanger built in refractory stainless steel 309L. The equipment may have an electromechanical or digital control panel, adapting to the customer preference, and offering two alternatives as usage regime. It has a new conception in steamer that grants a plentiful steam supply all over baking rack, assuring an optimal quality of the final product. Also, the Zuchelli heat exchanger takes the most of the heat produced by the combustion, allowing a more uniform baking with a lower fuel consumption, either using the electrical alternative, or those with gas/gasoil burner.


Weight 1100 Kg.
Nozzle (gasoil) GPH 1.75 a 60°
Thermal power 65.000 kcal.
Water discharge 3/4
Gasoil burner feeding 1/4
Gas burner feeding 1
Electrical power 1.5 Kw.
Exhaust 200
Water feeding 1/2
Chimney 150
Dimensions 133 x 200 x 240 cm.